Professional Education

Carpentries Instructor Training

Attended at Online, 2018

Received certification to teach Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and Library Carpentry workshops. Learned pedagogical concepts and evidence-based teaching practices such as crafting learning outcomes, live coding, formative assessment, and techniques for motivating diverse learners. Learned to apply these concepts to workshops teaching coding and data manipulation for novice learners.

ACRL Assessment in Action

Attended at Vermont Technical College, 2017

Identified methods for connecting assessment projects to institutional goals and communicating their results. Learned how to apply action research methodology to personal and institutional assessment projects.

ACRL Immersion: Teacher Track

Attended at Champlain College, 2016

Learned to design meaningful instructional activities in a systematic fashion. Analyzed and assessed personal habits, motivations, and styles to improve instructional repetoire. Learned assessment techniques and strategies to improve practice and outcomes.

Data Carpentry

Attended at Oregon State University - White Stag Building, 2015

Learned tools such as OpenRefine, Python, and the Bash shell for use in data science. Learned about the Data Carpentry method and plan for instruction.